Free Gifts for WooCommerce

a powerful plugin that allows you to offer free gifts to your customers as a way to boost sales, incentivize purchases, and enhance customer loyalty. With this plugin, you can easily set up and manage free gift promotions on your WooCommerce store, offering an added value to your customers.

Key Features:

  1. Free Gift Promotions: The plugin enables you to create and customize free gift promotions on your WooCommerce store. You can set specific rules and conditions for the promotions, such as minimum order amount, product categories, or specific products. This flexibility allows you to tailor the promotions to your business needs and target specific customer segments.
  2. Product Selection: Free Gifts for WooCommerce allows you to choose the free gifts that you want to offer to your customers. You can select individual products or entire product categories as free gifts. This gives you the freedom to promote new products, clear out inventory, or reward loyal customers with exclusive gifts.
  3. Gift Customization: The plugin offers options to customize the appearance and behavior of the free gifts. You can specify the quantity of free gifts to be added to the cart, define gift images, set custom messages, and more. This customization allows you to create a personalized and engaging experience for your customers.
  4. Multiple Gift Levels: Free Gifts for WooCommerce supports multiple gift levels, allowing you to offer different free gifts based on the value of the customer’s purchase. For example, you can set up a promotion where customers receive a small gift for a certain purchase amount and a larger gift for a higher purchase amount. This encourages customers to spend more to unlock better gifts.
  5. Cart Compatibility: The plugin ensures compatibility with the WooCommerce cart system. Customers can easily view and manage their free gifts within the cart, ensuring a smooth checkout experience. The plugin also handles scenarios such as when a customer removes a qualifying product from the cart, automatically adjusting the free gifts accordingly.
  6. Flexible Promotion Rules: Free Gifts for WooCommerce provides flexible promotion rules that allow you to set conditions for the free gift offers. You can define the number of gifts per order, limit the promotions to specific customer roles, set expiration dates, and more. These rules give you control over the promotion’s duration and availability.
  7. Compatibility and Reliability: The plugin is designed to be compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce and follows WordPress coding standards. It is regularly updated to ensure reliable performance and compatibility with other plugins and themes.
  8. Dedicated Support: Free Gifts for WooCommerce offers dedicated support to assist you with any inquiries or technical issues you may encounter while using the plugin. The support team is committed to providing timely and helpful assistance, ensuring a smooth experience with the free gift promotion functionality.

Boost sales and enhance customer loyalty with Free Gifts for WooCommerce. Offer enticing free gifts to your customers, incentivize purchases, and create a memorable shopping experience. Customize the promotions, set up gift levels, and manage the promotions with ease. Get started today and delight your customers with free gifts.

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